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GetOpen is a hi-tech startup company. Its mission is to bring to the market new technologies for water resource sustainability. Its motto is: "Change your mind, get open and green our world" , which is an exhortation to take actions for a greener world. Ensuring access to water will be the challenge of the coming years. Climate Change, progressive human activity and pollution affect the quality and quantity of renewable water reserves. in Italy 4% of electricity consumption is used by the water industry, in the United States this percentage rises to 13%, and nearly 40% of this valuable freshwater is leaked along its transportation mains. GetOpen is a Energy Saving Company that offers integrated engineering services for sustainable water management. GetOpen designs, builds up, and supplies electromechanical equipment to small and medium sized cross-flow (Banki) hydropower plants. Banki turbines are sturdy, cheap and effective equipments. Our Banki turbines are tailor made to fulfill client's specifications and maximize their own plant's efficiency. Shapes and dimensions of each component are designed to optimize the water and steam flow within the machine. We make out our turbines of stainless steel by using 3D computer aided manufacturing tools for faster and more accurate production. Our Cross-flow turbine covers a wide range of heads and flow rates. The floodgate smart controller allows to operate effectively over time varying flow rate and head conditions.Our Banki turbines are suitable for both piped and open channel flows.

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