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Pastificio Trinacria di Margani Vincenzo & C. s.a.s.

The Trinacria factory of pasta is a Sicilian company producer of "homemade pasta", situated in Niscemi, an agrarian little village, located in the south eastern of Sicily, for centuries engaged in the production of durum wheat. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, to the sun and to the fertile soil, we can produce here an excellent durum wheat pasta.  The flagrance and the supreme flavour of our homemade pasta is due to the use of the best durum wheat in Sicily, the use of pure water and a careful treatment. The high quality derives from the subsequent processing: such as drying and drawing the pasta. The so-called "Bronze drawing" makes the pasta rough and porous, while drying at very low temperatures for 48 hours, allows a superior quality product, without changing the taste of a typical Sicilian wheat, giving to our products exceptional nutritional and organoleptic qualities, just for eating and living better. We use only natural products and no added colours even for special flavoured pasta.  

Cellulare: +39 328 0880276