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Ceramica d'Arte Bevilacqua

Our workshop is located in the heart of Sicily, a land rich in colors and traditions. We started making ceramics as a shared family hobby and since 1997 we have been working hard to build a career out of our passion. In our work we combine the unity of our family and the expertise that we have acquired through the years. Our pottery is totally handmade according to the ancient Sicilian tradition. Our ceramic is classic but at the same time we make sure to add our creative and contemporary twist. We put great care in every step of the design and production process, which give us tremendous flexibility in the range of products we create, and also great control over quality. Our company works with Architects and Interior Designers to customize the products so that every design is one of a kind. We also export our pottery in Europe and in the USA thanks to some prestigious distributors. If a customized design is what you desire, we can fulfil your requests. We create our products with the best attention and care so that our customers are always pleased with them. Our mission is to bring art and beauty into your everyday life.

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