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Cocò Gioielli was born in 2010 thanks to Chris Ori d'arte thirty years of experience in craftsmanship, the creativity of the designer Veronica Fornieri and from their desire to re-interpret the jewel, giving it a new meaning of value and elegance. A classy accessory dedicated to the woman of the third millennium who refuses to conform and prefers a unique and personal style instead. Since five years Coco Gioielli working jewelry industry having a great success in Japan, America and Italy. Cornerstone of brand philosofy is the vision of the jewel as a set of feelings and moods. Ebony, for its hardness and weight, is among the most precious types of wood in the world. Cocò Gioielli is able to make special every moment of a day. In particular the necklace is adjustable to every time, featuring the look of the woman who wears it, accentuating her personality. Cocò Collections scent of nature. A brand inspired to the authenticity of the materials used in combination with many preciosities that sea and land give us, like pearls, silver, quartz... Hence the slogan of the brand "Gioielli di Natura". Ebony, the so-called black gold, is by far protagonist of the brand. What today should be impossible to achieve for its breadth and weight, ebony gives us the opportunity to realize in all possible forms.

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