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Torronificio delle Madonie

    Torronificio Madonie was founded about 50 years ago by Ignazio Milazzo, who started the  handmade nougats and  other sweets’ production. At the same time, Ignazio Milazzo also dealt with the promotion and marketing of his company, registering immediately encouraging response from the market. His children committed themselves in his project: the first son provided a significant boost to the production, while, in the mid-90s, the two daughters took over the business. Thanks to Anna Maria and Filippa Milazzo Filippa the company took on the challenge of a radical transformation: the starting point was the realization of confectionery products having the quality of  handmade products, then they increased the quantity and the variety of the production. In order to meet market demands, the current administrator decided to focus on a few “safe” products (for reasons that will be explained in the appropriate sections) which guaranteed high profitability. Anna Maria Milazzo holds the position of commercial director, her sister Filippa Milazzo is the Production Director.   Torronificio delle Madonie is located in the town of Alimena c / from Canalello  in the province of Palermo, here The main office is based in the town of Bompietro, in the province of Palermo, in via Cicchettoni, n.7. The production unit is located in the town of Alimena c / from Canalello (PA), the SS 290.   The production unit of the company is now focused on the following types of handmade sweets:   Classic white torrone, sweet mixture of lightly toasted almonds, whole or crushed, held together by a hard paste made of honey, sugar and egg white, with addition of hazelnuts and possible coverage of chocolate almond and / or hazelnuts.   The white nougat is made in two different ways: soft nougat or crunchy nougat.   Crunchy almond is a sweet nougat for ingredients and approachable format. The crunchy different for the lack of egg white, because it is more brittle, hard, crunchy precisely; also takes a more flattened, thin and looks caramel color. Crunchy pralines, toasted almonds are coated with an outer layer of caramel or chocolate chip hazelnut. Icy almonds are toasted almonds, sugar coated almost caramelized, and take on the characteristic appearance of frosting, just frozen. Marzipan Biscuits with almond paste and pistachios Torroncini Cream of Pistachio Candied chocolate   Torronificio Madonie Anna Maria and Filippa Milazzo   WWW.MGMDOLCIARIA.COM

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