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You can see our works here: this is Emanuele India's book(section about: "Mandala") [IMPORTANT LINKS]Emanuele India's facebook page: (you can see there many innovative works) MOSAIKART is an Artisanal Enterprise born in 2005. We're leaders in the artistic productions of marble and mosaic. The Artisanal Enterprise produces furnitures, decorations, items for gardens and home, artistic ligature, table ermined and decorated in leather, mosaic floors and Mandala. We are able to conceive, to project and to plan every artistic form applied on leather and at mosaic materials. Our goal is to strengthen and increase our sales abroad but especially to bring the made in Italy all over the world. So we are looking for importers, agents, buyers, foreign customers, distributors and architects of the foreign market because we want to spread abroad our high quality products! The MOSAIKARTA will bring with him a portfolio of its products and also samples of work done . Its leather products have a high international recognition on the made in Italy in the world. The collection is ready. WE'RE LOOKING FOR: - IMPORTERS; - AGENTS; - BUYERS; - FOREIGN CUSTOMERS; - DISTRIBUTORS;

Cellulare: 338 94 78 099
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