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Ludwig srls

Expressing your ideas in a clear and effective way is hard and time consuming, especially if you have to write in a foreign language. Writing in English is a daily challenge for billions of users. Ludwig helps you to move your ideas from inspiration to completion by giving you an infrastructure to support your writing. Ludwig is neither a translator nor a proofreader, but a linguistic search engine that exploits the power of Big Data in combination with our proprietary search algorithm which is specialised in analyzing language and sentences. Differently from traditional search engines, which are specialized in retrieving generic information, our hybrid information retrieval algorithm conjugates adaptive statistic search and semantic techniques. Easy and intuitive to use, Ludwig stimulates learning, improves English writing skills and increases users self-confidence. The project Ludwig was named after Ludwig Wittgenstein, who inspired us with one quote from the Tractatus: the limits of my language means the limits of my world”. Ludwig srls was Founded in July 2014 and it is registered as a startup for the research and development of IT products. The headquarters is based in Palermo and the three founders hold the 33,33% of the company each. We will transfer 10% of the shares to the development team at the achievement of specific objectives, to ensure their total commitment. Lastly, Telecom Italia granted itself a call option to acquire the 5% of Ludwig's shares until July 2016.

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