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Consorzio con attività esterna sustainable island by meccatronica

Sustainable Island by Meccatronic is an  export consortium of small and medium enterprise that offer  integrated service and product to their client  interested to have an integrated service in the field Building service, electrical cabling solutions, energy saving with  companies specialized in the supply of furniture for hotels and chain store brand. The  ecobuild trade show will give us the opportunity to presents 4 of our  brand new technology  product: THE SUSTAINABLE INTEGRATED SYSTEM BMM (BRAIN FOR MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT) IS A HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE PLATFORM DESIGNED, ENGINEERED AND MADE TO: REDUCE COSTS AND TIMES OF INTERVENTION AND MAINTENANCE DETECT AND MANAGE FAULTS AND EMERGENCIES IN REAL TIME SUPERVISE AND CONTROL THE SYSTEMS AND THE PLANTS STANDARDISE THE OPERATING PROCEDURES FOR DE-LOCALIZED INTERVENTIONS ANALYZE AND ENHANCE THE DATA OF ENERGY CONSUMPTION IN ORDER TO PLAN THE FUTURE STRATEGIES AIMED AT SAVING AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

Cellulare: 3456577612