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OWAC S.r.l.

OWAC SRL is an engineering company that has been operating in the "waste to energy" for many years; the company has a long time experience in the field of management consultings for the development and diversification of industrial assets. In particular the company develops its activities in the design and building of waste treatment plants and environmental remediation, both in international public tenders or in strategic support to private parties of different nationalities. The more relevant characteristic of the OWAC's activities is the development of an idea, the designing of the system and the management of the construction works, all culminating with the start-up of the initiative. Therefore OWAC is the catalyst for all the phases which bring to the final start-up of industrial plants. The working team has over twenty years experience and is very flexible, qualified and adaptable, able to develop all the required activities with care, high precision and “tailor made” solutions.

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