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FIAR LTD It is the product of the inspiration of three young girls who have decided to take the risk to invest in their territory: a beautiful island called Sicily. This land, a crossroads of cultures and peoples, has an excellent past culinary dishes from different origins, composed of natural ingredients belonging to the Mediterranean diet. The company is based in Gibellina, a modern city-museum that combines ancient values, traditions and architectural innovations. The products reflect this contrast: a perfect mix of typical Sicilian and Italian cuisine and innovation of modern means of communication including e-commerce.  The aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to taste the authentic Sicilian worldwide. After careful research and a selection of the best products, the company is able to provide a wide range of high quality merchandise to satisfy every palate, even the most refined. FIAR LTD to honor the Sicilian culinary tradition and through its range of "91024 The land of taste" adopt competitive strategies: - The choice of original and innovative products; - Prices incomparable: according to the quality of the ingredients, which guarantees the taste genuine products such as those made at home; the quality / price ratio is excellent; - Fast delivery, worldwide. The mission of FIAR LTD It is to let everyone know that 91024 LANDS OF TASTE stands for quality and reliability. Using the best ingredients, without preservatives and dyes. Many of the products are gluten-free and lactose-free and also have a shelf life of 24 months. FIAR LTD pay attention to innovation using practical packaging, ecological and customized packaging. This is the right recipe for the brand 91024 LANDS OF TASTE.    

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