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Established in 1935 by two local pharmacists in Sicily, SIFI started as a venture, specializing in the preparation of ophthalmic products. Since then, research, development, innovation and production have never stopped. Today, SIFI has evolved into an industrial group of companies, consolidating domestic leadership and expanding into international markets worldwide. A closer look SIFI is the only Italian ophthalmic company to feature an full-cycle, integrated business model, including research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical specialties and surgical and medical devices. Cutting-edge innovation, continuous development, a clear understanding of patients and caregivers needs, have shaped an extensive spectrum of eye care products, developed and marketed by our main Italian and foreign branches. S.I.F.I. S.P.A. Focused on development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical specialties, nutraceuticals and ophthalmic cosmetics, S.I.F.I. S.p.A.Â' is present in 13 countries with a portfolio of over 50 pharmaceutical products. Sifi's pharmaceutical selection provides treatment options to respond to and treat diverse eyecare conditions. Our portfolio includes steroids, anti-inflammatories, anti-glaucoma, anti-infectives, antibiotics-anti-infammatory associations, allergy treatments, food supplements (nutraceuticals), artificial tears and re-epithelizing drugs. SIFI MEDTECH S.r.l. SIFI MEDTECH focuses on developing, producing and marketing superior quality surgical and diagnostic products. Specialized in ophthalmology, it provides advanced solutions for cataract surgery and presbyopia with a portfolio including intraocular lens, advanced viscoelastics, surgical disposables , imagery diagnostic instruments and vision testers.

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