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IOM Riecrca

IOM Research Ltd. (IOM-R) was founded as a spin-off of the Oncology Institute of the Mediterranean SpA (IOM) Istituto Oncologico del Mediterraneo SpA (IOM), private hospital engaged in the activities of hospitalization and treatment of cancer patients. In order to increase the possibilities of technology transfer from basic research to the clinic, IOM-R is strongly dedicated to research transfer. IOM-R combines fact with IOM research in order to develop new diagnostic and prognostic tools to be introduced into clinical practice. The result of this close interaction are numerous scientific publications (IOM - IOMR) reported by magazines internationally. The laboratories include IOM search skills and technologies of molecular and cellular oncology, bioinformatics, imaging and molecular diagnostics. The institute is also equipped with laboratories dedicated to the development, imaging evaluation and development of disease models within tumor and neurological. Currently research activities are focused on the Molecular Oncology, in particular on the role of Cancer Testis Antigens (CTA) in breast cancer, ovarian and lung, the role of miRNAs in thyroid and prostate cancers and in the search for biomarkers in a wide range of cancers . The logical evolution of the current commitment of translational research leading to Next Generation Sequencing approaches that are implemented in headquarters. IOM-R provides space for research initiatives that you want to install, benefiting from a close interaction between clinical activity and research in oncology. In this perspective, the Institute provides as a partner and a reference center for scientific and entrepreneurial initiatives in translational research. They are proposed areas for the establishment of research laboratories of biotech and pharmaceutical companies interested in developing new therapeutic solutions and / or diagnostic particularly so in the field of oncology. This area of ​​activity is the Mission of the IOM Research Campus area that intends to contribute to the economy "knowledge based" Area of ​​Catania ("Etna Valley") through the creation, development and growth of an area that integrates clinical, research and training in the field of Oncology. From this experience IOM R Campus aims to play an active role in the scenario of cancer research a national, European and international level, through a dual operating profile which provides the definition of agreements of cooperation and provision of search and / or offer of space used (Incubator) for the settlement of third parties at its headquarters.

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