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BIMEDICAL SRL is a company that works on medical disposable field as manufacture, with a specialization in devices for  surgical and post surgical treatment of urologic diseases. Founded on 1998, the company has realized a business strategy on pioneer technological choices and on optimizing of its team. In italian market of biomedical companies, a leader in term of production volume and turnaround. The company is a reference point on the whole of Europe, on some areas of Northern Africa, and South-East of Asia.The company established it self in Italy, precisely in Sicily, in the city of Caltagirone. It belongs to the Industrial development area of Caltagirone, c/o Santa Maria Poggiarelli , where its offices are located. There aren’t at the moment other branch offices either in Italy or foreign countries.The company industrial plant situated in Caltagirone, Catania is its provincial administration, is of  about 2.200 square meter, and it holdes all offices and logistics. The production activities spread out in a 600 square meter controlled contamination area, complying with ISO 8, ISO UNI 14644/1 standards. The manufacture process especially to the search of innovative equipment to make safe the use by sanitary operators, in observance of the environment, and finally on the technological innovation to reduce costs at least. The main products classes are:  B2B line (business to business) Dialysis semifinished products –Primming bag 2 / 3 lt; Npt semifinished products – parenteral bag from 250 ml to 3.500 ml in EVA; Big volumes bags for post-surgical treatment from 5 to 14 lt; Infusional bag for pharmaceutical industry from 3 to 5 lt.  Final consumer   Bed urine bags, 2 / 3 lt, sterile or not; Leg Urine bags, (option: De Luxe non woven fabric) Close system urine bag from 2 to 5 lt, in the surgical and post surgical treatment; Silicon internal/external vesical catheters

Cellulare: 3383789013