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Mandarin S.p.A.

Mandarin WiMax Sicilia Spa is the regional operator of telecommunications that has been awarded the contract for the use of frequencies for Broadband Wireless Access systems (BWA) in the Sicilian Region. The use of these frequencies allows the company to provide the public with access to wireless broadband telecommunication networks (BWA) through variuous wireless licensed technologies. Mandarin WiMax Sicilia using the synergies and competences introduced by its shareholders has created a carrier network present on all the nine Sicilian provinces. Furthermore, it has developed a partner network based on commercial agreements, which have created structures such as the MANDARIN KORNER where sales services and service desks are offered and the MANDARIN POINT which represent a reference point on the territory for the offer of sales services, installation and assistance ( desk and on site). The Company covers mainly 3 important market areas: RETAIL characterized by the residential consumers and by companies with VAT ( professionals and businesses ) WHOLESALE made of wholesalers of MANDARIN products and other local or national operators with interests in Sicily. PROJECT and PUBBLIC ADMINISTRATION represented by vertical and custom solution created ad hoc for the public administration and large businesses. Each market area has its own commercial channel and a sale organization and a dedicated post sale assistance.

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