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Science and Technology Park of Sicily

The Science and Technology Park of Sicily is a no profit joint-stock consortium of Regional Authority research centres and companies operating in different sectors, acting as a catalyser between the processes and product innovation demand of SMEs and the capability of the regional research system. Thanks to the teamwork with the Sicily's Universities and the National Research Council, the STPS is deeply engaged to support the territorial innovation. The efforts are oriented to detect and identify the technological needs of SMEs and to supply them with assistance also in an international contest, to develop innovative products and processes, to promote technology transfer and to give high professional training and innovative services. Five main laboratories fully equipped to develop research and innovation transfer, as well as high professional competences for the management of services in the areas of agro food, agro-energy, cultural heritage, innovative material and biotechnology, working as a technology competence network. All the laboratories are poles of aggregation for scientists and enterprises committed in many convergent activities and researches, which share ideas, projects, instruments. STPS is member of regional technological districts (agro-bio activities and environment-friendly fishing; naval transports for trade and ware house; micro-nano systems) that are territorial aggregations of high technology initiatives, "hubs of the innovation", among research agencies and enterprises. STPS moves towards new technological districts Bio-Med (30 members), Advanced Systems for Manufacture (33 members), Environment (9 members), Cultural Heritage (23 members) and a new Laboratory for Adaptive Business Process Management in Cloud. The connections with the 31 Italian Parks of APSTI and with IASP allows the STPS to be inside a multi sectors network of interregional and international competences, enforced by the strong system of relations with over 150 foreign Centres of competence established during the participation to EU programmes. PSTS Objectives: Strengthen an economical system based on knowledge and quality. Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in Sicily New technologies - new products and new services. New organizational and managerial systems. Train personnel Create skilled jobs. Attracting new investment and new businesses with high-tech Encourage entrepreneurial vocations in the territory. Create network economy for SMEs at local and global level Promote opportunities for national and international partnerships

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