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Enologica Cassarà  Srl

The company Enologica Cassarà  S.r.l. is sited at Alcamo, city of the significant wine tradition, famous for the production of Alcamo White. The building is situated on the State Road 113 Km 335 + 300, in contrada Fiume, it occupies a total area of 34.850 meters squared of which 3.000 is covered. There are the plants for the production of concentrated musts and grape juices, an activity predominated in the 80's and after, plants and machinery for the transformation of grapes, the wine making and bottling.  These plants are of the last generation and permits an excellent productive process. The major part of the grapes that are used are produced on the family farm: 100 hectares that is extended from the 250 and the 450 meters above sea level, cultivated with vines such as Catarratto, Insolia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Grillo, Nero d'Avola, Merlot, Cabernet, and Shiraz. The vines are monitored by the agronomist and by the wine producer of which have the job to control the vines throughout the year and to verify the plant health of the grapes, and to do the  various analysis for the quality of the grapes. Our Products Production of wine in bottles (500.000bottles) Annual production potential (6.000.000 bottles) N° 16 types of wines and awards The Cassarà firm wants to relaunch the typical wines of the Sicilian territory, like Alcamo DOP,but it also wants to give more value to the international vines which have found a favorable habitat in Siciliy to enhance their characteristics. The range of products is completed by wines obtained of biological grapes according to the new trend of the international markets. Strategies and Objectives - The company's strategy is to improve the quality of the historical production and the diversification of the business activity through the production of bottled quality wines. This project was completed in March 2007 in which consisted in the production of the plants and last generation machinery indispensable for the production of bottled quality wines. - The medium-term strategic project aims primarily to the creation of the production structure for the completion of the winemaking chain: - from the production of the grapes - from the family farm and other farms , from the processing , production ,packaging and - marketing of the bottles. - The new achieved structure has the goal of optimizing the supply chain processes , both in the vineyard (and therefore providing advice to other farms that are not family farms ) and in the winery, in order to obtain grapes that enhance , in every part , the territorial character. - The two branches of the business activities, which are the production and marketing of concentrated and/or rectified musts and that of the production and marketing of quality wines in the bottle, have been made autonomous from both the production and economic point of views, thus obtaining a better optimization of the company fixed costs. - The short -term objective is represented by consolidating the existing customers and for the search of new commercial business both in Italy and abroad.

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