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Distretto Agroalimentare del Calatino

The “Calatino Agricultural District” (Distretto Agroaliementare del Calatino) The “Calatino Sud-Simeto” region is an area of soft hills and fields located in the heart of Sicily, 30mi South of Catania, 50mi West of Syracuse. Settled since prehistoric times by indigenous Sicilian populations, its cultural and artistic heritage is the layered product of history, human and natural. The “Calatino Agricultural District” is an association of local administrations and industries that represents the economy of an area 90.000 inhabitants large. Among our affiliates, there are producers of fruits and vegetables, food processors – many quality-certified – as well as rural tourism accommodations, chefs, artisans and artists. Its mission consists in developing international trade for the local industries and crafts, and promoting the Calatino region as a tourist destination. Our mission is to bring to the world the unique flavors of our land. Our affiliates produce the entire range of local products, some exclusive to the region: olive oil, wine, cheese, grapes, prickly pears, blood oranges and other citrus fruits, asparagus and artichokes; culinary specialties include fruit preserves, local vegetables in oil and pickled, bakery products and traditional pastries. The “Grapes of Mazzarrone”, the “Cerasuolo di Vittoria” wine, the “Monti Iblei” olive oil and the “San Cono Prickly Pears” are all Protected Geographic Denominations.

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