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Icar Arredi srl

Our aim is to deliver a “customized” product ensuring the people, individuals, professionals and companies, the efficient execution of the entire process of production Research and development of the best design solutions are the mission of the company. Optimization results in terms of cost and quality of the work ensuring the timing of the project is the principle job of a team of technical experts. From design to construction management, to the project stakeholders, ICAR coordinates all production process to ensure that the final works meet the design predictions. Vision is based on environmental sustainability, with a “LEED” driven approach designed to value the impact of each design choice in terms of sustainability and safety during the construction phase.The main feature of the ICAR is a production system inside own industrial complex that makes it extremely flexible and it adapts to the many demands that the designer searches every time in its architectural elaborate. Thanks also to the adoption of automatic processes of production and the presence of qualified personnel, ICAR is able to guarantee the complete customization of the furniture allowing to choose a wide combination of materials and processes reaching a customized result. The beating heart of the ICAR is the presence of a technical department consists of architects, engineers and geometers able to follow every step of processes providing an excellent interface between needs of the client and production phases of the company. ICAR also identifies for each job a project manager like responsible of the construction process creating a symbiotic relationship and ensuring maximum reliability in accordance with the procedures and timing of production with timing established during the planning stage The company, also thanks to the presence of a dedicated space, is able to provide the clients a wide range of prototyping giving the opportunity to touch with their hands on preview the result of the investment.Icar, with its different interest areas, satisfies all demands projecting keeping quality and qualification, thanks to dedicated staff specialized in all sectors: General contractor - Fashion Retail - Hotel sector and tourist centers - Customized - Restaurants - Pharmacies - Transports 

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