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Azienda Agricola G.E.V.A. s.s. dei Fratelli Giuseppe, Emanuele ed Andrea Vita

L'azienda G.E.V.A. s.s. dei F.lli Giuseppe, Emanuele ed Andrea Vita, is located in Favara (Ag) and falls within the territories of Favara , Agrigento and Naro . This coastal area of Sicily is particularly suited for crops in a protected environment , they have always focused on horticultural crops . Our company has decades of experience on the cultivation of the vine ( both from table wine ), which has gone before us our father Carmelo , who was able to realize several years ago, would have evolved as the fruit and vegetable market and continues to entice and excite us with his infinite passion for table grapes . Regarding the cultivation of table grapes , we have always focused on the maximum advance of the harvest, saw positive results on the markets we work with. We begin to gather in general between 15 and 20 May , and being the first in Italy and in Europe to pick table grapes , then over a period devoid of competitors, we have no difficulty in placing the product applied especially on foreign markets , European and not .Our company is organized with structures of crops that allow us to have a production scale , starting with the greenhouses where it collects in mid-May just now entering the market , continuing with the structures to " bow " collected in early June and concluding with defined structures " in teloncino " collected from late June onwards. In this way we can guarantee a production that covers the most exciting months for the markets. Our company , having excellent feedback on the markets, even in this period of crisis in particular , has made headlines in our region , in fact the University of Palermo, relevant to our situation , he began studies and tests in our company already several years of research with undergraduates , doctoral etc . With the collaboration of experimental research of the ' University of Palermo , we brought forward by four years of a greenhouse cultivation of table grapes in soilless culture in which we are testing different varieties, from classic to new , up to the seedless varieties where the company believes and to which you are moving the markets of Northern Europe. The greenhouse has a very high technological level , starting from the reverse osmosis desalination . The system is closed loop , then the outflow , yet rich fertilizer , is sterilized ( UV ), supplemented with new fertilizers through fertigation and recirculated . This means not pollute the soil, as has been done in our province for decades , creating huge problems. We think we have an obligation not to pollute and to respect nature and restore these lands in the future to our children without them depleted . Returning to the greenhouse soilless , is also present in it at a weather station with which we can manage the entire system , from the openings , the irrigation that occurs as a function of solar radiation. There is also a heating and basal leaf , a fog system for moisture , which is of fundamental importance , an automated system for the sublimation of the sulfur that allows us to fight fungal diseases with organic products. The company with the technique of soilless produces both table grapes that cherry tomatoes , with another special technique called " system to ' Dutch ' which we could talk for hours because what we do is our passion , but I understand that is not the case of dwellIn this hothouse of table grapes in soilless , the first cycle of plants is placed in the greenhouse in January and is harvested in mid-May . From this period , experimentation continues in two different sets:1 ) Some of the plants are pruned and sent to production delayed in production , with the right correction of the fertilization plan , with harvest at the end of October.2 ) Another part of the plants after harvest is placed outside and replaced by another set of plants, preserved until now dormant in cold storage company , are placed in the greenhouse in early July . These plants are able to have an incredible growth , exponential with respect to the normal time of growing table grapes , accompanied with adequate nutrient solution. The collection also in this case occurs at the end ottobre.Diverse tests are then carried out in the different periods of the year in a part of the greenhouse, in which one experiences the possibility to completely change the period of produzione.La predominant variety in the company is the VICTORIA cultivars , but also produces BLACK MAGIC and other varieties .For a few years in business we present the three brothers Joseph (27 years) , Emmanuel ( 26 years old) and Andrea (25 years). The first two , after graduating in agriculture and specialized in agro- engineering and have done studies abroad , they decide ( together with Andrea , the youngest who is finishing his studies in Law ) , to want to stay in Sicily, in spite of the opportunities in our area are much larger and more attractive abroad , we did not hesitate a moment, we want to live in Sicily and live "in Sicily ." We want to optimize what we have and not feeling sorry for himself . The sun that we , our environment pedo -climatic can not play anywhere. Why we have staked everything on the sun. Sun and innovation , " precocizzare and innovate ."Also on this line of business for more than a year and we are working almost completing an ambitious new project , a new system of greenhouses well as produce 9100 square meters ' apricot in greenhouse " with the type of farming to " y reversed . " An ambitious and technically we know is not easy to manage, but we know that with the passion and the study we will be able to pick apricots excellent quality and harvest April 20 !What we want to emphasize , this new plant greenhouses , and with considerable surface instrumentation of the latest generation , it will be COMPLETELY powered by a small photovoltaic plant in the company, the only energy that will be used to irrigate the greenhouse , open the roofs and windows etc will be " taking the sun " , always with a view of a company GREEN who wants to impact the environment less and less , but at the same time being able to be competitive in the increasingly globalized market .This is not achieved by luck or good fortune date , but with the daily commitment and sacrifice, but then make us live with pride, the pride of being born and remained in Sicily and do so in a productive , competitive . We in twenty years we have not seen anywhere else , I'll see you again in Sicily and maybe (hopefully) with a productive force majeure and fruits that reflect my Sicily and that no one can imitate.Technical data: Grape production : about 6,000 tons per year. Apricot production estimated for the coming years : about 300 tons per year since 2016 ( when the plants come into full production ). Agricola G.E.V.A. s.s. dei F.lli Giuseppe, Emanuele ed Andrea Vita. cell.3287051278. Favara (AGRIGENTO)

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