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Vassallo s.a.s.

Handcraft workshop that produces croissants and pastries Sicilian pastry, Our company was founded in 2003 as valid manufacturer of frozen croissants oven-ready. Our Head Pastry Chef has thirty years experience in the bakery and every process regarding flours. Thanks to our innovative and creative force,'' the company is a valid point of reference to cope with the increasingly rapid growth and evolution of the food industry. Our high quality is an official recognition, as well as the trust of customers, the certification of quality management system HACCP. The main objectives of the company are'' product quality and customer satisfaction. Thanks to an advanced manufacturing facility and a team of high professionalism and competence, the company is able to meet all the needs of its partners: the personalization of the recipes, the choice of format, up to the type of packaging. Success of the brand all around Italy, is the results of an ongoing commitment on the part of company, to ensure the highest level of quality. Thanks to our innovative and creative force that generated the patent: "Cornetto Slim" "croissant slim". "Croissant Slim is an oven-ready does not need time to rise, is ready in 15 minutes and does not contain yeast. The novelty of the "Croissant Slim" is not only the speed of the preparation but also the fact that when is not cooked, the croissant slim has small sized, only 5 mm, then allows it to keep in stock in small freezers."Cornetto Slim"  trasportation reduces significant cost in storage, a pallet can contain 12000 croissants from 65g, a box of "Croissants Slim" is as small as 1/6 of a box of traditional croissants oven ready equal weight. Then a truck of our croissants equivalent to six truck of the same weight as traditional croissants and likewise a frozen cell of our product is equivalent to six cells of traditional croissants.    

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