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Pastificio Artigianale BIA

Our company, established in 2004, mainly produces handmade fresh pasta and is a family company that works at a facility located in the territory of Resuttano (CL) in the uncontaminated center of Sicily, on the slopes of the Madonie. Today we are one of the few, at the regional level, to be recognized by the Ministry of Health in accordance with Regulation number 853/2004 (EEC Recognition) and we are, thanks to our competitiveness in terms of quality and price, in major national supermarkets and hypermarkets. All our production is based on high quality and freshness of the raw materials used, almost all coming from companies that operate in our territory and is characterized by a actually artisan process with a careful and strict control of all phases of production, from the dosage of ingredients to final packaging. We choose the best varieties of Sicilian high protein durum wheat semolina, ground a few kilometers from our factory to ensure the use of an always fresh mixture that keeps all its fragrance. The water that we use for the mixture is from the Madonie Natural Park, fresh and pure as the mountains from which it arises. We only produce bronze extruded pasta, characterized by rough and porous surface, perfect for tasting with any sauce and prepare our fillings without any addition of food additives (preservatives, antioxidants, flavor enhancers, etc..). We also produce different sizes of pasta, typical of various provinces of Sicily, such as Trapani busiate, Palermo bucatini, Sicilian caserecce and for the Catania area, macaroni casarecci, Sicilian macaroni and five holes pasta. With a relentless pursuit of excellent quality, our company was among the first to join the project "Sicilian Durum Wheat Pasta with Certified Quality" initiated by the Regional Agriculture Department and now uses  for its production only Sicilian durum wheat with certification chain that guarantees the authenticity of the materials used and the identification of the place of production, as well as transparency and control of all stages of the production process, from field to fork, to have a healthy, safe and genuine final product. When we started making fresh pasta, we started from scratch. We then learned slowly to achieve excellence, supported by strong passion and ongoing commitment, experimenting the use of better raw materials and more innovative production technologies, always in full respect of tradition. Today, after many years of hard work, we are proud to be considered one of the best producers in Sicily, both for the economic value generated in our area (Sicilian raw materials used, job creation, trade relations with major national and international food distribution companies ), for both production capacity and distribution presence in the best long-established commercial realities (Auchan, Carrefour, Penny Market, SMA, Ipercoop, etc...). Pasta Bia Bronze extruded, to hold the best of any sauce Practical and easy to prepare, because it cooks in a very short time Made in Sicily, by Sicilians with high protein content durum wheat Done as Bia commands

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