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ferrera srl

Ferrera Srl thirty years experience in the marketing of fruit and vegetables of the highest quality from controlled cultivation and selected from local producers . The consolidated selection practices , packaging and marketing of fruit and vegetables , through a sophisticated logistics system , have characterized the business policy of the company always strives for excellence to ensure the authenticity and freshness to consumers on their table . Constantly oriented to the quality of products , we are pursuing rigorous controls to fruit and vegetable production chain by means of prevention and prophylaxis concerning the working environment , the product and packaging. The qualified staff , the business of the office , warehouse and cold storage always guarantee the best service according to customer requirements . Artichokes, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes , Wheat, eggplants and peppers , and still Grapes, Yellow Melon and Watermelon Mini are some of the products that the company Ferrera Srl selects , manufactures and distributes throughout Europe, expecially in East. We are suppliers of Polish and Romanian company. Thanks to long-standing practices of the industry, we are able to verify the path that a food product is " from farm to fork " by monitoring the entire production process the fruit and vegetable food : from the cultivation of the plant to the production, processing , preservation, distribution, marketing and consumption . Through these practices becomes possible to speak of Traceability: a precise documentation and procedures defined that allow you to retrace the production process even backwards . Mandatory throughout the European Union , the system of traceability allows us to reconstruct the path of a food , ensuring greater safety for the consumer.

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