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Panoptes Srl

Panoptes is a Startup Company focused on the development of scientific and technical instruments to be coupled with small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to generate services for civil purposes. It is a spin-off of Ticonzero, a consortium of IT companies from which it inherits the first Panoptes project about technical and economic feasibility of multiple sensors for light UAVs as well as the strong relationship with the German light UAV manufacturer Microdrones GmbH and its international Partners besides all the expertise and client portfolio coming from 4 years of activities with small UAVs. This portfolio includes Companies in various fields: TERNA SpA (inspections of power lines and photovoltaic fields), Public Institutions (photogrammetry and 3D modeling of archaeological areas), SIDRA SpA (close range photogrammetry of civil engineering works). Panoptes has already started developing its own customer base and establishing resale agreements with worldwide Companies, such as FLIR System Inc. Our fisrt product is the mT-Panoptes multi-sensor operating in the thermal and visible range for fast, accurate and cost-effective photovoltaic plants inspections and technical surveys of other energy and industrial infrastructures with small UAVs. The mT-Panoptes, integrates an High Resolution FLIR Tau2 thermal imaging core and an HD video-camera. It is lightweight – under 280 grams - and low energy consumption. Its coupled Solar Inspector software has geospatial and realtime capabilities and offers an unique and intuitive environment for both operations in the field and for further analysis afterwards, offering tools and a predefined workflow which helps in detecting, spatializing and reporting thermal anomalies. More, both thermal and visible videos are recorded on board during the flights and criticalities are evidenced in real time while locating them on the inspection map. Furthermore, frames associated with criticalities can be bookmarked in real time and the inspection report is produced by a guided procedure. The inspection report includes coverage maps, inspection data and sheets documenting the anomalies detected. More, the Solar Inspector is also able to export the collected data toward an external environment: (i) base maps, (ii) annotations table, (iii) coverage maps, (iv) annotated video frames. These files can be used to build maps in any GIS environment.  The mT-Panoptes is at the pre-industrial stage and it will be ready for the market within March. Till now we have left the pre-industrial release under agreement at onerous use to some key partners and since March, 1st we accept reservations for purchasing the commercial release.   More we have also a department which offers inspections with the mT-Panoptes. In fact our customers often prefer to have a period of training working together on their surveys before acquire their own equipments and other ones prefer that we completely do surveys for them. 

Cellulare: +393938758382