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Empleko, “to entwine” in Greek,  plays a new key role in matching Employment & Cooperation to solve company’s innovation problems for Italian SMEs. Our mission is to ease the communication between Theory and Practice in business day-to-day. We designed a fast and easy platform where all kinds of companies may find the right expertise. Experts may demonstrate their real expertise and be valued for more than their titles. Meritocracy and transparency grounds Empleko, your most accountable partner for innovative solutions. Our analysis revealed that the main barrier between Science and Companies is the use of two opposite languages. In Games’ Theory it means imperfect communication between the two players. Consequently, resulting in a non-cooperative system and failing to lead to the first best solution. Empleko aims to provide the first best solution for everyone: the right experts for the perfect innovation strategy. We created an innovative system which combines the best practices of social network with the academic quality of think tanks. That is the reason why we define Empleko “the first social think tank”.

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