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F.lli Contorno

The Company was founded in 1916 by Knight Antonino Contorno, cuirassier in the army of His Majesty Vittorio Emanuele III, and it is now run by us, his grandnieces Agostino e Maurizio Contorno, in the same building where it started almost 100 years ago in Palermo, via F. Gangitano.

Everyday our family tradition grows inside the factory as we comply faithfully with all the production procedures learned from our forefathers.

Many of the recipes we use include some little family secrets which help us to obtain those special tastes and flavours which our frequent customer so much appreciate.

It's a fact that we pursue the most authentic genuineness and aromatic freshness of our products through the minute selection of the local best suppliers of the raw materials we work with. As an effective consequence of the care and concrete attention to the quality of each step of our entire production line, the “F.lli Contorno” has also obtained the UNI EN ISO 9002 certification for complying with sanitary standards in accordance with the HACCP method.

The synthesis of our efforts is the harmonious coordination of artisans' approach and knowledge with the most of today technology, which still allows us to be, after almost 100 years of life, the company of reference for the production of the most typical Sicilian Food such as Eggplant Caponata Appetizer, Artichokes Caponata, Seasoning for Pasta with Sardines, Seasoning for Pasta with Swordfish and several more vegetable and ichthyic-based pasta sauces, red and green pestos, and many other traditional dishes.

In order to improve the company has differentiated the production in two brands:

conventional and organic.

The organic production is certified by QCertificazioni srl.

The company is certified by AGROQUALITA' SPA for the IFS.(International Food Standard).

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Telefono: 091 6214023
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