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Due to its long experience in the citrus processing industry, Agrumi-Gel processes oranges, lemons and mandarins produced exclusively in Sicily, as well as the well-known bergamots and grapefruits from Calabria.The full range of products includes: nfc and concentrated juices, clear and cloudy juices, cold and hot extracted essential oils candied peels dried peel for pectin extraction dried peel for cattle feed The whole production site is the result of the ambitious project of an avant-garde factory in terms of structures and technology. All plants and processing lines have been designed in order to reduce environmental impact and to allow a close processing cycle. AgrumiGel is capable to extract 40 tons of citrus fruit per hour and FMC "in line" technology allows to produce top quality juices and essential oils to be used in food and cosmetic industries. The following refining, depulping, pasteurization and concentration steps are carried out in order to fulfill customers' specifications and product safety. Juices are stored inside the factory's controlled temperature coldstores, whose capacity is nearly 5.000.000 Kg.  Peels are dried in indirect fired roraty kilns in order to keep the product's natural features.

Cellulare: +39 3456614658