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Studio FRA Architettura ed Ecoinnovazione Srl

“ Every project on the Sicilian contrywide, either little or big, private or public, no matter if for a new territory construction or for building restoration, is always a chance to make high quality architecture, respecting environment.”  This is the philosophy of Studio “FRA – Architecture and Eco- Innovation”: a set of many young architects and engineers (all under 40) coordinated by Architect Fabrizio Russo , who founded it in 1998 in Catania. FRA has collected distinguished results. In recent years for the amount and quality of its public and private projects, thanks to a dynamic, horizontal and multi- specialized organization. The young team of architects works in sought to promote a new meaning of Architecture, as a discipline that qualifies the space where men live and work in a continuing search for integration between contemporary architecture and development/ protection of Sicilian historical constructions, of means of the innovative use of sustainable materials and traditional building types. In addition to the basic requirement of a project, such as aesthetic attributes and functionality, Studio FRA, focuses its attention on other elements such as: cost control and bio- compatibility of planning choices, environmental sustainability and energy savings in the years to come. Studio FRA took part to several events and exhibitions as: SAEM Exhibition Catania, “Project Lebanon 2010” in Beirut, “Recent architecture in Sicily – 2010” organized in July by the Regione Siciliana at the International Conference “ EcoS 2011” at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia. At the “ EcoS 2011” Conference Studio FRA presented a prototype of sustainable eco-house named “CASAB2” or “casabiquardo”, a building entirely designed for eco- sustainability and bio- compatibility materials and created by the architects Fabrizio Russo and Giovanni D’Amico. The project consists of a totally wooden house, suitable for Sicilian climate in order to have low fuel consumption of energy (class A+) for summer cooling. Studio FRA has participated to several competitions where it received prizes and mentions, like: “Quadranti di Architettura 2008” prize for the project of three squares in Nicolosi (Catania); two special mentions, one during the “Delmonte Award 2008 – Sustainable Architecture in the coastal areas” in Chiavari (GE) and the other during the “Redevelopment of the Nicotera marina’s waterfront”. It received also a report during the 2009 “Città per il verde” Prize. Moreover, Studio FRA has got publication and citations in several architectural books and newspaper as “Rizoma – Biennal of Young Italian Architect” (M&M Maschietto Editore, Firenze, 2008 , “ Urban center’s archaeological interesting areas” (Gangemi Editore, 2001); “Compositional patterns in the beginning of the 900’ century architectural design” (Università degli studi di Catania, 2004);” The Jubilee Bridges” (Gangemi Editore, 1999), and the architecture magazines, “ Paesaggio Urbano ” (march 2009) and “Ambiente Casa” (sept 2011). Among public works already completed three squares in Nicolosi (Catania), the new waterfront and the museum of Letojanni (Messina), the restoration of Palazzo Blandini in Palagonia (Catania), an outdoor theater in San Gregorio (Catania) and an urban park in with LED lighting in Aci Bonaccorsi (Catania).  For private customers, Studio FRA has designed and built houses, offices, commercial spaces and catering, hotels and has repaired buildings of historical and artistic interest. Among the works soon to be realized are included two service centers for craftsmanship in Nicolosi (Catania) and San Giovanni La Punta, an information point near the so called Castagno Cento Cavalli in Sant’Alfio (Catania), the retraining of a little town of Fornazzo (Milo-Catania), the Etna Tourist Center in Nicolosi (Catania), the Landscape Eco- Museum in Sant’Agata Li Battiati (Catania) and a Art Hotel in a old baronial residence in Pedara (Catania) with various other projects both public and private fields. What to do in the future? To continue in creation and experiments with enthusiasm and commitment, pursuing innovation in construction, environment and energy. These are successful elements strongly relevant for this group of young architects who believe in a sustainable future for Sicily through a balanced development between the need to protect our heritage and modern architecture. Portfolio 2014

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