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Meridionale Impianti

 EMPHASIS ON HI-TECH PLANTS The Meridionale Impianti group has been a presence since 1975 in the industrial and electrical plant design sector, with specialization in design and production of delivery systems for gases and special chemicals, electrical plants and automation systems.  Continuous R&D activities to create cutting edge technologies Thanks to continuous R&D activities, MI offers the most advanced systems in the market, that simplify management and monitoring of production processes in hi-tech sectors such as Semiconductors, Solar, Pharmaceutical, Fiber optics. With over 600 professionals skilled in diverse technical fields, the company is able to provide customized ‘turnkey’ solutions, from design to production, from project management to installation, from monitoring to maintenance. The important experience accrued through time and the prestige of its customers confirm the high qualitative standard it has to offer.  Global contractor for every service need: Global Maintenance Service The choice of providing value added services is at the base of company mission and finds utmost expression in Global Maintenance activities. Meridionale Impianti aims to be an all-in-one contractor for its customer in maintenance and facilities management, allowing a reduction in coordination, oan verlap of operations and a decrease of management costs.   From traditional Power to Renewable Energy Within its Power Division, MI designs and realizes traditional power plants, with high, medium and low voltage installations, equipped with automation and monitoring systems. Always ready to accept new challenges from the Market, in 2005 MI created a Solar Division which designs, produces and installs leading edge renewable energy systems. Values driving our success The basis of all MI activities is the belief that a continuous increase of company knowledge provides better products and services to customers. "The reasons why MI has been successful time and time again is because we offer value-added services to our customers" states Salvo Raffa, MI Group President. Our success is the result of company's commitment in pursuing common values: Focus on customer valuesInnovation and competenceProduct Quality CertificationTurnkey SolutionsCustomization and scalabilitySystem Integration capabilityInternational presenceImportant R&D network Our numbers 1975: Meridionale Impianti is founded by Salvatore Raffa, President and CEO.16 Millions €: fully paid share capital stock.70 Millions €: 2011 revenue.Thousands: of installed plants.600: professionals worldwide.7: offices and factories worldwide.16: active research projects.

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