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Il Dodo Srl

The Dodo is an Italian company founded in 1996 by the synergy and experiences of Vittorio and Grazia, ripened in the fields of communication , design, set design , and architecture. A vision of living that interprets the needs of an advanced and refined and does not want any limits on your imagination , in search of ever new scenarios on which to express their vision of the everyday. The study formed inside the company offers visual and functional elements of great fascination for environments that want to get rich in atmosphere and personality. The sensitivity to perceive the communication that the client wants to convey , translated into " stage productions " full of charm . Grazia Pizzillo , architect and interior designer , Vittorio Della Valle, communication sciences and entrepreneur . Together they started a research project in materials and workers for the realization of their own creations , the study and processing of vegetable fibers extracted from the agave plant have created a strong matrix Mediterranean . The evolution of lighting systems gives a great stimulus for the design and creation of " animated emotions " The lab right now perceives the opportunity to devote his every piece of manufacturing a soul and a personality , the peculiarity of "handmade " makes it unique and " interactive " every object materialization . Experience , we research and translate into functional elements of our creations using materials found in Sicily , such as vegetable fibers derived from the processing of the Agave plant , which together with pure cellulose is transformed into a watermark that can take on different colors and always current . Working with creativity and with the understanding that creativity is not our point of arrival, but rather a path to do with the client, in which an effective strategy and expected results find their meeting place and manner of realization. The Dodo is the desire to express themselves freely, to give space for ideas , research, imagination.   The company designs and manufactures its own products, has an organizational structure for the commercial distribution of the products. The added value of the company is the extreme personalization of the lamp, the color of the finish variations allow each lamp to be adjusted in any environment. The company organization has developed a package of store openings under the brand name "Il Dodo" where are all the products of the collections and the various lighting systems in large-scale environment.

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