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L'Arcolaio società cooperativa sociale

L'Arcolaio soc. coop. is an italian social cooperative, founded in 2003 and based in Siracusa.The main objective of the cooperative is the social and occupational integration of disadvantaged people, in particular convicted people. The main activity of the cooperative is the production and selling of organic and gluten free sweets, pastries and snack. The activity takes place inside the Siracusa's district prison, where a production site is available. In the production, around 4 to 8 convicted people are involved and supported by a technicians and a social worker. From the beginning, L'Arcolaio chose to adhere to organic farming, emphasizing some excellent products of the territory, especially Avola Almond and Syracuse Lemon. Besides, some Fair Trade ingredients are used. The products, labelled by the trademark "Dolci Evasioni", are marketed throughout Italy, primarily through specialized organic stores and fair trade shops. Moreover, L'Arcolaio has been managing other activities, such as meal preparation and serving inside the district prison and the project "Coltivare la libertà". Meal preparation involves 10 persons, supported by 2 professional cooks. The project "Coltivare la libertà", started in 2012, aims to the integration in the workforce of ex-convicted people in different fields, such as agricolture, gardening, etc. During these years, the cooperative has accomplished to create a significant network of contacts and obtaining a high visibility, attracting the attention of the media. L’Arcolaio also participates in various fairs and events of the social economy and solidarity. The cooperative L’Arcolaio adheres to CGM-Welfare System Consortium and is a member of AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Farming), Libera and Banca Etica.

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