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Arancia-ICT S.r.l.

Arancia-ICT is a dynamic company formed by a team of professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds through which the company provides its customers with software products and services. Its activities can be classified into three categories: Software Engineering Engineering Company Research & Development   Within Software Engineering , the particular technical and methodological skills allow the provision of the following services: - Technical Consultancy (Time & Material) - Industrial production software on the major technology platforms (Java,. NET , iOS , Android) - Application Management - System Integration Skills and methods are applied to Engineering Company for the provision of services in the area of: - Streamlining the Process Operating and Production (Business Process Reengineering ) - The Digital Preservation and Digital Documents for the implementation of the DAC (Digital Administration Code) - Planning and Production Control - Change Management Through R&D projects are conceived, designed and manufactured to be innovative interventions in favor of client companies , and software products for the market such as: - HatiMatic, solution for digital preservation and replacement of documents in companies and in the Public Administration - Joman, solution for the operational management and control of the management of service businesses that operate by contract

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