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Proxima operates in the Utilities sectors of water, gas and district heating to develop innovative solutions for information management of technology networks and provides specialised consultancy for the optimisation of strategic management and planning of network conduction. Proxima uses its own research laboratory to develop technologies and methodologies to guide innovation in Utilities and rationalise the use of resources, by optimising the management of networks and plants. In addition, the company is active in resolving environmental problems (hydro-geological instability, effects of intense rain in urban and suburban basins, etc.). Proxima's experience and integrated approach of resolving problems in the water and gas industries has led us to follow a strategy of integration development between the most common GIS, remote control hardware and database management software, hydraulic simulation software, expert systems etc.As a result, Proxima can plan and implement Global Information Systems that allow Utilities to integrate hardware and software from different suppliers into an organic system, designed for optimal and comprehensive management of integrated water cycle and for the management of gas, electric and district heating networks. Due to its experience in the field of integrated information system development for the Utilities management, Proxima supports them in order to: achieve significant savings on becoming more precious water resources, optimising their use; reduce electricity consumption; improve custumer service level; improve the business productivity, by curbing of industrial costs of water production and distribution; early repair leakages on the network, protecting from non-recoverable resources; adjust water rates in virtue of emerging economies, with a simultaneous increase in the level of service and efficiency recovery, in terms of industrial production of distributed resources; create and accelerate procedures of maintenance on the network and its plants; carry out benchmarking for the Utilities; perform distribution and transportation risk analysis.

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