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Feudo Niscima

Love for the land, the spirit of sacrifice, desire to pass on a tradition, wants to revitalize the area, this is the drive that holds Panzica Marco in his tireless work. The company of the former feud Niscima is 600 meters above sea level, on loose soils and particularly sunny. Olive groves mostly selected by the nature of the places which produce a particular extra virgin olive oil, only for the intrinsic aromatic qualities. In the area there is a multitude of archaeological excavations in different historical periods and a nature park. The city of Caltanissetta is full of churches and palaces secure architectural interest. The family Panzica several generations is engaged in agriculture, in particular, has developed considerable experience in the production of ' Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In respect of the traditions handed down over time, still at 600m. altitude, especially on loose soil and sunny olive groves, mostly selected by the nature of the places, they produce a special oil " Extra Virgin "only for the intrinsic quality aromatic and organoleptic properties.

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