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Tecnosys srl

Tecnosys ltd is a software design and development company working in Italy for nearly 30 years. e-Working®  is the company's flagship platform, designed to perform different functions such as: re-engineer and govern business processes through its own workflow management; to ensure operating consistency; centralize data; distribute the work; gather and spread information quickly and efficiently; optical management and document sharing; detect and solve critical issues; communicate to the outside world; monitoring and displaying in a short time trend of activities; to measure performance; provide valuable support for managerial decisions; facilitate and support the changing nature and the technological innovation All Tecnosys apps operate within the e-Working® platform in an integrated way share the functionalities. Among the various applications we offer: ew-Accounting: Accounting Manager Administration. A complete and reliable solution for service companies. ew-Property: Real Estate Asset Management for Public Enterprises and Real Estate sectors, social housing, banking, insurance, social security, and all other companies working in real estate sector. ew-Maintenance: Maintenance management of real estate and plants. ew-Dox: Document Management, optical storage and IT protocol. ew-Develop Custom System Management. Development environment to build applications in management. ew-SBI: Business Intelligence Tools for extraction, processing and representation of business data. ew-HRM: Human Resource Management. Management organization chart, activities, orders and timelines. ew-WEB: WEB Solutions Services. Applications in the Web and Cloud environment.

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