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"Nicola Giordano" Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies (ITAE) - National Research Council

The Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies “Nicola Giordano”of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR ITAE) in Messina was founded in 2001 and is the heritage of the Institute of Chemical Methods and Processes for Transformation and Storage of Energy that was founded in 1980. The ITAE’s strategic mission is mainly aimed at promoting and developing innovative energy processes and technologies with a higher efficiency and a lower environmental impact which can be used both with fossil fuels  and Renewable Energy Sources – RES. The Institute research activities are divided into the following lines of research: FUEL CELLS: Branches: Development of materials, components and stack for:        - Polymer Electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC)        - Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells (DAFC)        - Solid Oxid Fuel Cells (SOFC) System design, testing and demonstration of fuel cells technologies HYDROGEN AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FUELS Branches: Systems for hydrogen production by fossil fuels Systems for hydrogen production by Renewable Energy Sources Systems for eco-fuels production by waste Systems for alternative fuels production STORAGE AND RATIONAL USE OF ENERGY Branches: Hydrogen storage Electric storage Adsorption heat pump NEW TECHNOLOGIES – RENEWABLE ENERGIES INTEGRATION Branches: Integration of RES systems and fuel cells Solar cooling. Every research line is articulated in different multidisciplinary technology branches, characterized by specific aims and development strategies and the branch teams work together to realize combined systems able to reduce the energy consumption and to warrant a rational energy use. The strategic aim is to reduce the production costs and to warrant the devices reliability. The Institute is equipped with 19 laboratories able to conduct energy systems materials and components characterization and test activities about devices and prototypes. Nearby the ITAE’s headquarter is located the new Testing Center, aimed to promote the energy innovation and the technology transfer of the new energy technologies. The activities of the new Testing Center may be sub-divided in the three following lines: the first one is dedicated to the testing activities of prototypes to adapt them to their use in stationary and mobility applications; in particular: new energy devices, fuel cells, hydrogen generators, hydrogen storage systems, solar technologies; the second one is dedicated to support the start up activities involved in the production of energy devices or materials, components for energy devices; the third one is dedicated to the training activities for high specialization in specific technical areas.

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