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Monachino Engineering and Technology

Monachino Technology is a leader company in the drafting of patents in the field of new precast elements in reinforced concrete f. These are characterized by their marked originality, the result of the continuous research carried out by the technical staff. After having acquired thirty years of experience in the field of precast production, setting up over five highly automated factories, the company has continued its activity not as producers but as researchers of new building techniques. The company's inventions are used by some of the leading companies in this sector and are produced all over Italy. Having established a European-wide reputation in the construction sector for avant-garde technological products, the latest of which being a new construction method for the foundations of any structure, the company has radically changed the conception of underground structures. The comapny's competence and professionalism are further integrated with collaborations with famous-name partners in the precast building sector. Monachino Technology has acquired thirty years experience in the manufacture of prefabricated structures and plants most of them in CA. The result of continuous research by company’s technical staff has produced in the last fifteen years an elevated number of granted patents especially in the field of CA structures. The core business consists in transferring technology and know how to Italian and European companies thanks to license agreements or tailored agreements according to customer’s needs.

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