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Miceli's Snail del Dott. Miceli Ciro

 Miceli' Snail  is a young company that produces Elicicola snails from food. Founded and run by proprietor Dr. Ciro Miceli (agronomist), is located in Sicily in the district " Contrast" is about 7 kilometers from Burgio in Agrigento province . It covers about 5,000 square meters of the surface where there is located the breeding of two different species : Helix aspersa Muller ( Crastuna ) and Helix aspersa Maxima " Escargot " . The farming system is used to " complete biological cycle outdoors " , which consists in raising snails in special enclosures with natural pasture . The snails are fed with fresh and natural food such as chard , ensuring the meat softer and more delicious than the snails collected in nature, we do not know what they feed presenting a type of meat tougher due to the time of growth slow. There are not many companies run by agricultural technicians , and when it happens it can be a great advantage , because there is no person better suited to assess whether land is suitable for farming snails, and if its composition is ideal for producing excellent plants to feed the little elicidi . The agricultural engineer , is also able to implement technical solutions compatible with the preservation of natural resources , and to work for the environment. The company has  Miceli's Snail clear about the principles with which to manage the farm: the work is marked by the preservation of the natural fertility of the soil and snails , so are banned fertilizers and chemical herbicides . The main objective is to produce excellent meat of snails to be undertaken only with the right technical skills and processing of products that are manufactured by the company , achieving a better quality value.  In collaboration with a food processing plant are produced, sweet creams, jams, preserves, with label and brand Miceli's Snail. Our company is looking for buyers for new foreign markets.

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