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Salvatore Mantegna has been in the goldsmith sector since 1969. Thanks to his studies, experience and training courses Salvatore Mantegna has acquired a very high competences in this sector. In July 1983, S. M. set up the “Mantegna gioielli”, a workshop dedicate to the fulfilment of his hand-crafted jewels. It is the birth of a prosperous activity mostly concentrated on the research of a new, cutting edge design, realized thanks to the competences of an appreciate craftsman as Salvatore Mantegna is. His young, innovative and creative drawings are at the basic of his art design. His jewels are entirely hand-made and each phase, even the research of gemstone, is followed in detail. From the beginning Salvatore Mantegna has been creating a wide range of handmade jewels and now, thanks also to the support of his sons Alessio e Gabriele, they have elaborated the so called “JewelDress”. It is a unique piece created taking into consideration the personal features of a client. Each piece reflects client'spersonality. It is a tailor made jewel. For example the idea of the JewelDress could be applyed in the wedding rings that are usually all the same. Salvatore Mantegna is also specialized in a unique technique that is called Tramae Lucis. To learn more about it see our web site at this link. To increase and to make him known Salvo Mantegna has taken part into various national, international fairs and exhibitions. Salvatore Mantegna is enrolled at the Palermo Chamber of Commerce, at the Court, at the Superior Court in Palermo as an expert connoisseur in the jewel category. To read furthe information about our company and our product, visit our website at this link.

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