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Telereading Srl

The company is specialized in projecting and realizing Telereading and Telecontrol systems for water and gas’s pipeline and electricity.   The system realized can offer an improved service for ends users and a energetic economic saving for energy supply companies.   AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) is the most reliable technique in order to detect the effective consumptions of consumer to estimate the actual loss or frauds. Actually loss or frauds are detected during the billing activities based on readings which are performed once or twice per year.   Such reading system leads to a high error rate due to two main factors: Non-measurable quantities Low trustworthiness of gained data   Only through the sync reading system is possible to obtain a balance. This cannot be done by performing the reading by using the operators but only by using an automated system. AMR allows to obtain the exact period and location of consumptions; In this way AMR can decrease cost and loss.  

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