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Cantieri Magazzù (Magazzù Yachting S.r.l.

The Magazzù Boatyard offers a modern concept of naval design and construction. It was founded over 50 years ago by Prof. Alfredo Magazzù and one of his earliest designs was the Alicudi motorsailer of which more than 140 were produced by General Craft. The activity continued to grow in the field of naval and aeronautical systems with research and innovation carried out in collaboration with companies such as "Dornier","Datamat", "Rodriquez" and "Aeritalia" resulting in numerous international patents being issued to them. Some of the main achievements in the 80s/90s include the patents and design of a stabilised monohull for passenger transport the "Monostab" for the "Rodriquez Shipyard" the design of a 21m motor-yacht for the Baglietto Shipyard and the "SURFING TRIS 75" a 75m fast ferry for the transportation of 600 passengers and 150 cars at a speed of 50 knots, produced in collaboration with the Spanish boatyard, "Bazan". In 1996, development started on a 10m sail trimaran, the "Tris 10" - one of the most innovative and technologically advanced yachts on the market. In 2005, the Tris 50, the largest folding sailing trimaran ever built, was launched. Their present day success lies in the range of luxury RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats): the "MX- 18 coupè", "MX-14 coupè", "MX-13 coupe", "MX-11 coupe", "MX-11 spider", "M-GT" and "M-GT spider". The Magazzù Boatyard is also presently involved in research work into multihull-hydrofoil hybrid configuration, with a view to developing a new series of transportation means based on good seaworthiness and low consumption.

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