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E.B.I.T. Sicilia

E.B.I.T. Sicilia, for the touristic market of the whole Sicily, acts for continuous training of workers and employers of the associated companies for the entire chain production, promoting the activities of training and retraining of the work force in the field of protection of the health and safety of workers at the workplace. E.B.I.T. Sicilia also plays guidance interventions in the labor market and, through EBIT National, implements initiatives to support the income of temporary workers in the industry involved in processes of restructuring and reorganization and seasonal workers who participate in training courses arranged by Ebit the same. At the same time, however , the organization is engaged increating projects, that include the broader tourism promotion, the characterization of the entrepreneurial reality , adapting to the international market present instances, the development of employment , the development of the Territory and its specificity with particular interest in the last stress competitiveness and market scenarios received from national and international

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