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Distilleria Bertolino S.p.A.

Production of alcohol for beverage and industrial use through distillation of by-products of wine and wine itself.  The activity of Distilleria Bertolino S.p.A. is mainly the processing of wine and its by-products for the production of ethyl alcohol, brandy, fresh and aged, and denatured alcohol (annual production’s capacity of around 15.000.000 litres of alcohol of different qualities with a distillation plant of a daily production’s capacity of 150.000 litres).Distilleria Bertolino S.p.A. also produce: calcium tartrate, from wine-lee’s processing, which is the raw material for the production of tartaric acid,  dry grape seeds used either for  the production of oil from grape-seed and for the production of energy (heating purposes). The Alcohol and brandy’s production are sold all over the world for different uses:Primarly the beverage one.In particular, its storage’s capacity in wood barrels equal to 80.000 Hectoliters gives to the company the opportunity to produce a very high quality brandy aged differently.The commercialization throughout the world is the key success factor of Distilleria Bertolino.

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