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ANCE Ragusa

ANCE Ragusa, the Association of Builders of the Province of Ragusa (Sicily, Italy)) was formed in 1969 as a voluntary association of private, non-profit organization , positioning itself as a purpose and that purpose the safeguarding of professional interests of contractors associated with the development and progress of the construction industry and the technical and professional qualification of firms in the industry. The Reeds Ragusa is at the provincial level private entrepreneurs of every size and legal form, operating in the fields of public works , Entries housing, commercial, office and industrial use, it also assumes the representation of construction companies operating in specialized fields related to the constructions such as , for example , foundations and installations. Reeds Ragusa plays a role in the protection and representation in the face of constituted authority , local government and other bodies , whether public or private , the social partners , business associations or professional bodies, which for whatever reason come into contact with the its members. representation The Builders Association of the Province of Ragusa adheres Ance , National Association of Builders , which is based in Rome and assuming the national representation of the category. The Reeds in turn , members of Confindustria , the General Confederation of Italian industry, thus becoming part of the larger system of industrial representation . The Builders Association of the Province of Ragusa, Reeds Ragusa, Sicily also adheres Ance , a regional body which plays an important role in coordinating between the Associations of Manufacturers territorial province. Through its representatives , the Association participates , together with the trade unions , the management of these joint bodies : Body Building Fund and Body Sphere, School Building and Territorial Joint Committee for the Prevention Accident ( CPT) . The Association also represents the interests of the class , through the presence on a permanent and effective in the management committees and commissions in the work of various agencies such as Social Security, POS , Provincial Office of Labour, Chamber of Commerce , etc. . The primary task of the Association is therefore to represent homebuilders and businesses related members , protecting their interests in the local area , promoting the development and progress of the industry in the area and encouraging dialogue with Government Agencies , Corporations , Associations and Organizations of workers. The services provided free of charge The Association offers free services for businesses in the construction industry. The staff of the Association is at the disposal of associated companies to provide information, advice and assistance , for particular problems are also organized the training sessions , courses and seminars on specific topics. To allow access to favorable conditions for some important services , were signed agreements with leading companies . The quality of services is assured by the staff of the Association who has access to information sources at national, regional and local levels and is therefore constantly up to date on the major regulatory changes and the contractual field. The offices of Reeds Ragusa offer , free of charge , assistance, advice and real information in each specific sector : Private Building and Urban Development ; Public Works ; Administrative problems , labor and tax ; Safety in Construction Sites ; Reports Unions. information The Association produces and distributes its own weekly periodical survey of specialized information for associated enterprises and updates of the website , with access restricted to member companies . advice The offices of the Association are available to provide ongoing advice and assistance is by appointment or by telephone . The counseling service is provided by Association staff competent and constantly updated. The timing of delivery of such a service are of immediate type . For the specific needs of individual companies can also be programmed personal visits at their premises . assistance The companies that have a need for tiling claims against third parties, may apply to the offices of the Association to agree on how to observe and what actions to take . training The changes to the regulatory framework , the introduction of new methodologies and technical administrative or every new needs of enterprises , it may require a supplementary support services continuously provided by the Association. To do this, there are courses and seminars on specific topics proposed by the Association or on the basis of investigations carried out at the same .

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