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GUERCIO SERRAMENTI del F.lli Guercio Snc

The Guercio group, is an Italian company operating prominently in nationwide proframes.By providing engineers, architects and interior designers with their experience, the three owners of this wellestablished family operated business apply their expertise in order to ensure superior satisfaction with design, technical and logistical requirements. The group stands out by paying special attention to trends and innovations which provide its uniqueness and cutting edge: the company products always anticipate tastes, new trends and market needs.We are leaders in tailor-made and high-quality fixtures,frame and windows including French doors . We offer architectural solutions for any type of living style: luxurious, rural and urban.In order to match any surrounding environment we provide a wide selection of mobile and multi panel lift and sliding doors, and in harmonizing latest aesthetic trends in conjunction with practical innovations,which reduce cleaning interventions, break down maintenance concerns, while enhancing thermal and acoustic insulation. The company was founded in 1975 by Giuseppe Guercio who had specific knowledge for working with iron and aluminum. The design and construction of customized various products required by the market have enabled the success of the ongoing development of the company. The targeted production to high quality building and adapted to technological progress ,has made possible for the Guercio company to become a laboratory for creative development for eco-sustainable building. In the 80s and 90s the field of aluminum frames fills the 60% of company turnover, to an increase of 30% compared to the timber market. In the years 2000-2010, in addition to aluminum systems, opens up a new market of composite aluminum-wood windows system. Sales of windows Guercio develops so to a 40% aluminum-wood windows and only 45% of aluminum. Today the companywork over an area of 10,000 square meters, and has a technical department at the service to architects and engineers that help to support each project. The company collaborates with leading companies in the production of raw materials for the development of new innovative products and improvement of existing products.

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