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Mangiatorella S.p.A.

Mangiatorella Group is one of the most important bottled water company in Italy. The group is market leader in Southern Italy. Mangiatorella Group owns3 modern mineral water plants located in Calabria and Sicily. Its brands are Mangiatorella, Cavagrande, Acquarossa and Hidria, and offers a complete range of products for both the Ho.Re.Ca. and modern retail channels. Mangiatorella Group achieves an annual turnover of Euro 20 Mln, thanks to a successful management composed by the same people since 1976 and the fruitful collaboration of more than 80 employees, which the Group has always considered as a big family. Mangiatorella Group has a volume of sales of 200 million liters per year and its products are exported into the US, Canada, Malta, Australia, Japan, China, UK,The company is very interested in Environment, in fact, in Sicily, it has developed a photovoltaic park, first in Europe, used to power the entire Acquarossa and Hidria plants with solar energy. To respect the environment and therefore to contribute effectively to the protection of these natural beauties, Mangiatorella has decided to feed its production activities by the use of electrical energy. Aware of the know-how it has acquired over several years of experience, in the 90s Mangiatorella decided to purchase another two sources of mineral water in Sicily: "Cavagrande" and "Acquarossa". They are mainly available on the Sicilian market through both large and traditional channels of distribution. Its purchasing strategy was launched to meet the needs of a segmented market and to offer its consumers, with three different types of products, the right alternatives to water consumption. More recently however, we have seen the launch onto the market of our new naturally sparkling "Hidria" Water which originates in Sicily, in the province of Catania, right at the foot of Mount Etna. Amongst the main waters produced in Italy, Hidria has the highest level of magnesium (100.3 mg/l), an essential element for the human body which promotes feelings of wellbeing and relaxation.   Please visit our web site

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