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La Bottega di Athena

Esteemedcompany, Athena's shop is a workshop that aims for the creation of natural cleansers. From virgin olive oil which is the base ingredient, suitably mixed and processed, you get a soap, in solid blocks or liquid in bottles, it contains particular moisturizing and emollient characteristics suitable for daily cleansing of the face and body, even for the most delicate and sensitive skin. Always with the same ingredient you get the laundry soap solid or flakes for the washing machine. This product, from the composition extremely simple, has excellent cleansing action in the full respect of the environment, as it is biodegradable. The lab also is committed to the development of new products specifically for the beauty of the body, such as oils, creams and ointments, made from a blend of refined oils and natural substances capable of giving tone, elasticity and health to our skin. From precious extra virgin olive oil, are made, also, emulsions, suitable for moisturizing the face and body, suitable for all skin types even the most demanding and delicate. While, the use of raw materials such as karitè butter and almond oil, are used for the realization of ointments and oils, suitable for the massage of the body, from the nutritional properties and soothing. The "mission" that is replicated is to create natural products, incredible value both at the social level, with a view to protecting and respecting the environment, both on the purely personal, allowing the consumer to use products which are not only the result of a chemical synthesis of laboratory. The consumer will be proposed as a product of "high ground quality" alternative to all those mass, easy to purchase, thanks to low costs or otherwise remarkably reduced, but of very poor quality. The strategy is working, of course, to point to the quality and not the quantity of the products. Natural products, including our own, contain in itself, in fact, strong innovative values, can provide concrete answers to the need for a return to simplicity and naturalness. The originality of the project lies in its business strategy and aims to develop innovative products through the use of the natural resources of our Mediterranean, which in fact primarily olive oil. The basis for this is the knowledge that the great wealth of these raw materials can be translated into a wide variety of finished products, mostly little-known, with important detergents functions. The soap is a product that, by tradition, grandmothers prepared with care at home with the inventories of oil, we propose it in a different form, respecting the quality of use of soda, the correct proportions of essential oils and the correct drying time of the soap, without neglecting the care and passion that each artisan can employ in each of his creations.

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