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Laboratory of Chemical and Electrochemical Technologies” (DICGIM Department – University of Palermo)

The “Laboratory of chemical and electrochemical technologies” of the University of Palermo is involved in the study of electrochemical technologies for the synthesis of fine chemicals and the treatment of waste waters in conventional and microfluidic reactors, the generation of electric energy by reverse electrodialysis processes, the conversion of carbon dioxide in valuable chemicals, the hydrothermal chemical conversion of green biomass into biofuels and value-added chemical intermediates, the polymer synthesis also assisted by scCO2. The high quality of research so far carried out by our research unit results in a variety of international collaborations and projects. Members of the group were invited to take lectures at relevant meetings of industrial chemistry and electrochemistry. In the last decade the group was involved in two projects funded by EU and several projects funded by the national Government or private companies

Cellulare: +39 3204328580