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Libera Terra

Libera Terra reunites social cooperatives that  manage productive structures and hundreds of hectares of terrain taken from the mafias in Sicily, Apulia, Calabria and Campania.  Libera Terra was born with the goal of giving back value to stupendous but difficult land, starting with the social and productive recovery of the goods confiscated from organized crime. Our end goal is to obtain products of high quality via methods respectful of the environment as well as the dignity of workers. Moreover, the cooperatives play an active role in the territory, promoting organic farming and involving other producers who share similar principles.  The pasta, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, honey, jams and limoncello are just some of the products made by the cooperatives, all designed to utilize the flavors unique to the area and at the same time celebrate the gastronomic and nutritional aspects of some of the best primary materials organic farming has to offer.

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