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Azienda Agricola "DORA"

DORA Farm manages a medium-sized olive grove and a small oil-mill with the main aim of producing a very high standard of extra virgin olive oil thanks to the employment of sustainable agricultural practices. The olive grove, located in a hilly area in the centre of Sicily, is made up of both century-old and newly planted trees. Their native cultivars are the Nocellara Etnea, Moresca and Biancolilla. Dora has got at her disposal a cutting- edge oil- mill powered by solar panels to guarantee not only the top quality but environmental protection as well.  The technology and the materials fitted together in the oil- mill form a plant with professional features in reduced dimensions.  It operates in a two-phases system and it produces oil without the use of vertical centrifugal separators. One of the main exclusive feature of this plant is the very small mixing water consumption. Small volumes of water together with the total lack of a final separator mean a lower environmental impact and- above all- a better preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the oil, then avoiding another stressful processing phase. DORA’s top priority is the product quality, with the aim of protecting the environment and developing sustainable agriculture in rural areas at the same time. DORA safeguards and make careful use of agro-systems’ natural resources and rural landscape, meaning with the word “agro-systems” those agricultural ecosystems which are an excellent model of multifunctional agriculture facing the complex relationship between rural economic development, on the one hand, and natural resources, on the other. Another main aspect of DORA farm is the multi-functionality, in other words a wide number of correlated activities and projects that the farms carry on in the field of environmental education, rural development, R&D, renewable energy production, safeguard of cultural heritage, land conservation and so on. Even though a young company, DORA has already gained experience in the field of project management and implementation of EU project. Set up thanks to a project co- funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, it has taken part as a beneficiary to several EU projects and initiatives, like the “Life Long Learning Programme” and the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”. Among the Italian excellences in the project “Eccellenze Rurali” managed by the National Rural Network/LEADER Programme, DORA works every day trying to realize a cutting- edge workshop of sustainability which primarily spreads a vision more than just ordinary products and services.

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