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(医疗器械)D.R. system srl

 公司从事数字放射成像仪器的制造,以及相应软件的研发。 We are pleased to explain and introduce D.R. system s.r.l. (Digital Radiology system), in it’s general profile. The company was born as R.E.M in Palermo on  April 1984 with an initial  share capital of                      £ 20,000,000,and now  up to date as DR system s.r.l. with a share capital of €.100.000,00. the process of innovation company started by several years, with the aim to strengthen their experience and know-how, earned in the field of radiology, expanding our proposing horizons  on the international market, as manufacturers of innovative digital radiological equipments,  istat ateco code: 26.60.02 as well as  Software . The company achieved sales targets very satisfying working with the most representative manufacturers of radiological equipment in Italy and Europe, both for the commercial and  service maintenance  during and after warranty. The present headquarters has a solid operating base with large local property at the following address: D.R. system s.r.l. Via Michele Titone, 23/29 90129 PALERMO  +39 091/422295 +39 091/423695 E-mail   : Website : production site: S.S. 186 Km. 15.800 The D.R. system s.r.l. company guarantees  European quality standards and safety ,  advanced quality methodologies, as well as the partnership , aimed at mutually benefit and satisfaction  D.R. system s.r.l.'s goals are oriented   to maximize customer satisfaction by providing reliable products whit high technology, rapid and highly qualified service and technical, support. To get these goals , D.R. System srl implemented a certified Quality Management System ISO 9001: 9008 , issued by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., with  certificate number  C2012-02341 and  EN 46001/ISO 13485  from IMQ spa Italy,  . The D.R. system s.r.l. Quality Management, check all own business processes to ensure continuously, products quality ,qualified service and technical, support.   The D.R. system s.r.l. general organization staff, consists of six people, including a general manager, junior sales, Software engineer, two hardware engineer, an accountant responsible Administration,  secretary, and more .  The main company's  activity is the research, development, design, production, installation, final testing , service and  maintenance and  global service solutions , as well as  all the X- ray room      “ all inclusive “  - “ turnkey” . The company have got a consolidated experience to  participating in  tenders for public hospital in Italy , as well as   in   international  public hospital tenders ; also we operate with private radiology clinic, day hospital etc.  The company has long since taken the road of direct construction, presenting itself on the international market as a manufacturer of a new generation - digital X-ray equipments, technologically advanced as well as  the  new model called "INTEGRON 8 DR", equipped with DIGITAL FLAT-PANEL . Also there is one more product  called " DR VISION mod.750.”,  which is a O.E.M.  KIT for acquisition / processing  digital X-ray images. Especially, the main efforts of the company management, are oriented to the new requirements of health-oriented human needs with the help of digital technology, in a word: TELEMEDICINE - TELERADIOLOGY. Our commitment is definitely oriented in  research, development and technological innovation, focused on the enhancement of know-how accumulated on more than 30 years in the field of biomedical imaging / X-ray equipments.  An so why was born the idea concerning  a new  innovative digital X-ray equipment , which as been Patented in Italy, Patents Office  CCIAA  Palermo on 10.12.2008. The Patented  idea has been further appreciated by INVITALIA, National Agency for the attracting investments and enterprise development SpA  - Italian Ministry Economic Development. Something more about D.R. system srl : Holds N° 03 Patent applications in Italy, competent office CCIAA of Palermo; N ° 01 Trademark :   INTEGRON 8 DR ™ Is part of the Production District "MECCATRONICA" - EDIMEC project called "Piani di sviluppo di filiera” -  O. FESR SICILIA- ITALY  2007/2013. The approved project envisaged the direct collaboration with the Palermo University, concerning  technological research and experimental development , with which our company has already activated concrete relationship and cooperation concerning the fundamental research and  prototyping of innovative X-ray equipment object of the Patent, which is now ready for the international market . Thank you so much  for your kind attention .  

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